Location: Zandiela, Mali (near Koutiala)

Project scope:  Primary school; 3 classrooms, solar lighting for one classroom; office/storage; 2 hygienic latrines

Impacted Children:  180 students

Timeline:  Started & finished in Fall 2019

Community Involvement: Supplied sand, gravel, and foundation stones; block construction; dug foundation

Coalition: Partnered with Build A School In Africa‍

Background: Prior to the project between Coafrica and Build A School In Africa, the children of the village of Zandiela had to walk several miles along busy and dangerous roads to get to school; only the kindergarten children could remain in the safety of the village in the one-classroom school. When chosen for a block of 3 classrooms, the village excitedly pooled additional resources to build a second 3-classroom block so that all 719 students could go to school in the village.