A world where every child has access to a classroom

Classrooms make education possible.

Education strengthens communities, breaks the cycle of poverty, and facilitates economic growth.

All of these create a brighter future for Africa.


Unleash the power of education for African children by partnering with local communities to construct classrooms

Enabling every interested community to meet the classroom needs of their children is our goal. Through our international coalition of sponsors, local mentors, and community, Coafrica facilitates the construction of needed classrooms.


1. Target underserved children
We serve communities that have no viable option to build classrooms (no government or other NGO programs).

Project approval is based in part on the number of out-of-school children on waiting lists and the potential of increased enrollment.  “The building is awesome and will go a long way in supporting and improving education indicators… such as (an) increase in the enrollment, attendance rate and reduction in the drop out rates…”
– Mathias Zimba, Mary’s Meals, Zambia

2. Engage the community
From start to finish, Coafrica works hand-in-hand with the communities it serves. Through our team of local program coordinators, community leaders and parents request assistance to build additional classroom capacity, and present their plan for community contributions and project maintenance. Coafrica works in coalition with local communities to realize their vision for educating their children.
Coafrica requires a community match of up to 20% of the value of the project such as:

  • site security
  • water support
  • new or upgraded bathroom facilities
  • unskilled labor
  • material supply
  • funding
3. Build for longevity

Our classroom projects are built to a 40-year quality standard with specific requirements for quality of cement blocks, foundation, roofing materials and general construction standards.

Communities commit to fund and perform regular structural maintenance, adhering to our minimum maintenance standards and schedule.

Coalition partners agree to periodic visits of completed projects to ensure maintenance compliance and reporting.

4. Develop strategic partnerships
Coafrica staff and coordinators actively seek opportunities to enhance the education potential of our projects by partnering with other organizations to:
  • construct bathrooms
  • provide meals
  • install solar lighting
  • provide adult educational opportunities