when a family was asked to contribute to a school for orphans in Zambia. Knowing that their financial sponsorship had a life-altering impact on 400 additional out-of-school children in the area was a powerful incentive to sponsor additional projects. The first projects in 2016 & 2017 were eye-opening about local communities that were desirous and capable of taking care of their own educational needs, but simply lacked government financial assistance for classrooms.

By 2018 the family had participated in 5 different school projects in 4 African countries. In 2019, a generous donation for the children of Africa from a family friend inspired them to create Coafrica, a public charity dedicated to expanding classroom construction opportunities. As of 2021, 16 classroom block projects in 5 different countries have been completed. Thousands of children have benefited from these classrooms, both out-of-school children and those needing safe, adequate classrooms. Without question, these classrooms will impact thousands more.


Coafrica’s ambition is to become an organization known for aiding communities to achieve their educational goals. We strive to make the local requirements and project vetting process rigorous to ensure that our projects have the impact promised and that the community has ultimate ownership of the project. We hope that donors will consider themselves part of the coalition for each project and expect project transparency and a direct connection with local African project leaders. Together, let’s give all children the chance to reach their potential through education.



‍We serve communities that have no viable option to build classrooms (no government or other NGO programs).
Project approval is based in part on the number of out-of-school children on waiting lists and the potential of increased enrollment. “The building is awesome and will go a long way in supporting and improving education indicators… such as (an) increase in the enrollment, attendance rate and reduction in the drop out rates…”
– Mathias Zimba, Mary’s Meals, Zambia


From start to finish, Coafrica works hand-in-hand with the communities it serves. Through our team of local program coordinators, community leaders and parents request assistance to build additional classroom capacity, and present their plan for community contributions and project maintenance. Coafrica works in coalition with local communities to realize their vision for educating their children.
Coafrica requires a community match of up to 20% of the value of the project such as:

  • site security
  • water support
  • new or upgraded bathroom facilities
  • unskilled labor
  • material supply
  • funding


Our classroom projects are built to a 40-year quality standard with specific requirements for quality of cement blocks, foundation, roofing materials and general construction standards.
Communities commit to fund and perform regular structural maintenance, adhering to our minimum maintenance standards and schedule.
Coalition partners agree to periodic visits of completed projects to ensure maintenance compliance and reporting.


Coafrica staff and coordinators actively seek opportunities to enhance the education potential of our projects by partnering with other organizations to:

  • construct bathrooms
  • provide meals
  • install solar lighting
  • provide adult educational opportunities