Every child has a dream. For Adeola Balogun, that dream is to become a lawyer.  Adeola, 17 years old, is a Student Body Officer at Premier Grammar School. She has always enjoyed going to school and having fun. She loves to learn and spends much of her time studying in the library. However, her old classroom made it hard to learn because of the lack of space. Thanks to Coafrica, Adeola says, “The new school building will enable me to study to become a lawyer.” She now has a chance to achieve her goals, just like every child should.

Coafrica is centered around students like Adeola–it’s why we do what we do. Let’s get to know Adeola a little better.

Favorite colors: pink and yellow

Favorite subject: English

How does she get to school each day? The bus

Favorite food: yam pottage

Adeola is a lovely young lady with a bright future ahead of her. We can’t wait to see what she will do and become.