It is important to Coafrica that we focus on real needs of African communities and address those needs by working with community members. Our connection to local communities ability to build classroom blocks would not be possible without our Coalition Partners.

Today we want to spotlight our partnership with Build A Classroom Ltd.

Build A Classroom is an organization based in Malawi that works to further education in the local communities. This organization was founded by Goodwell Ndiwo-Banda who would later be joined by Tresher Mukwavi, both becoming Coafrica’s Project Coordinators in Malawi. Goodwell uses his project management skills, and Tresher his commmunication and business skills to coordinate all of the construction, community involvement, and government support for all of Coafrica’s projects in Malawi. Coafrica would like to share a little bit more about them, their lives, and why they have chosen to give so much time and energy towards education. Both of these amazing men volunteer their time and energy because of their passion for increasing access to education in Malawi.

This is Goodwell Banda with his wife of 30 years, Kate. Goodwell was born and raised in a village just 70 kilometers outside of Lilongwe, Malawi. Goodwell is the oldest of 12 kids. Education was important to his parents who worked very hard  to keep him and his 11 siblings in school. In Goodwell’s village people farmed to feed their families. At times, there wasn’t enough food so Goodwell and his siblings would have to work for food on neighboring farms. As the first born, it was Goodwell’s responsibility to help raise his younger siblings. He learned early on, the importance of helping all of his family get an education.

Goodwell’s  passion for education led him to attain multiple degrees and  devote much of his time to helping others in this pursuit. After completing primary and secondary school,  Goodwell went on to get both an Associates and Bachelors degree in education. Goodwell then earned his Masters of education at The African International University in Nairobi, Kenya. After graduation, Goodwell started as an agricultural contract director. His job eventually led to further education opportunities. As a student in the distance program at Malawi Institute of Education, Goodwell traveled to the University of Derby in England to earn another Masters degree in Project Management. Each of these educational endeavors has furthered his passion and prepared him for his work with Build a Classroom.  Goodwell’s reputation and expertise are invaluable in our partnership  to further classroom initiatives in Malawi.

This is Tresher Mukwavi, he was born and raised in Zambia with his eight siblings. Tresher’s father and mother passed away when he was very young forcing the family to work very hard to support each other.  His oldest sister had planned to attend college, but sacrificed her plans to provide for her family.  The difficulties of his early life together with is sister’s sacrifice inspired his passion for education. Tresher attributes his success to the entrepreneurial spirit he learned from his mother and the sacrifices of his sister.

Tresher attended college in Malawi and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. Guided by his passion for his faith, education, and entrepreneurship, he took courses in Christian and biblical studies, business, and mass communication. After graduating, He taught high school and then started his own transportation business. One of the first friends that Tresher made when he moved to Malawi was Goodwell. Through his association with Goodwell, Tresher was introduced to Coafrica and joined Build a Classroom. With his education in mass communication, he provides an important perspective on how best to communicate and connect with communities to further education initiatives. Additionally, His business acumen is a huge asset in managing classroom projects alongside Goodwell.

  Build A Classroom works to help local communities see the importance and benefits of education, and make educational opportunities accessible in their local communities. Their goal is to build enough classrooms over the next five years for all of the students in Malawi to have an accessible and safe classroom to attend in their local community.

To date, Build A Classroom has completed six different projects and plans for many more. They have helped 906 additional students begin attending school and many more now have a safe and durable classroom to learn in . We express our deep appreciation to Goodwell, Tresher, and Build A Classroom for partnering with us. We hope you’ll continue to support Coafrica and Build A Classroom in furthering education in Africa.