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  • Desks are so helpful to learning - from comfort to the ability to take notes, they help students focus and learn what is being taught. Typical desks used in African schools are sturdy wooden desks that seat 2-4 students each.  32 desks fit in each classroom. Help us fill our classrooms with desks so these children no longer have to sit on the floor, struggling to take notes on their laps or on the backs of the child in front of them.  For more information, please see this. 100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • When we build a classroom, we know that we are providing a durable and safe space for students, where they can learn, grow, and change their future.   Our vision is to have every child in a classroom.  Help us make this possible by donating $99 to cover the cost of classroom space for one student!  Not only that, but this is the gift that keeps giving.  Each student space is used over and over and over again every year - eventually by hundreds of students!  The impact of this donation multiplies and keeps on giving! 100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Very few children make it to secondary school (high school) in Malawi. Only EIGHT percent of primary school children attend secondary school. All primary school fees are covered by the government. However, secondary school costs are beyond the reach of many poor families living below the poverty line. We have teamed with a trusted school in Malawi to help provide sponsorships for high achieving secondary students. With your help, these students will be able to complete their secondary education. When you choose to sponsor a student, you are choosing to gift education to those who are truly deserving of your aid. $130 will provide a single scholarship for one term. 100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Description:  Many African teachers are expected to teach with little to no supplies.  Sometimes that means no textbooks at all.  Sometimes that means just one textbook that the teachers take turns using to teach their classes.  Your donation will help purchase needed textbooks, teaching aids, and a locking cabinet to hold all of it.  You can empower these teachers to be the best they can be with the supplies they need! 100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Fill our classrooms with the supplies they need!  Your donation will provide:  3 additional white boards 3 large size dictionaries 4 medium size trash cans 6 packs of white board markers 6 white board dusters 6 bottles of white boards cleaner 3 bottles of hand sanitizer 6 packs of pens - blue, black and red 6 mathematical sets 3 calculators 6 packs of face masks 100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Classroom

    Over 93 million children in Sub-Saharan Africa are out of school  - many due to lack of classrooms or lack of adequate classroom facilities. Did you know that the rainy season in Africa will shut down outdoor classes for as many as six months out of the year?   Whether it’s adding a classroom to bring in out-of-school children or providing a classroom for classes that currently meet under the trees, classroom construction is vital in empowering African students with education to change their lives.   100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Staff Housing

    In Malawi and Zambia, communities are required to provide housing for government-provided teachers, 95% of whom are married with children. This is one of the perks of being a teacher, and is a large benefit of the teaching profession in these countries. Usually, this housing consists of a small two or three bedroom home with no plumbing or electricity.  Despite the meager cost, many villages have no ability to provide this housing, resulting in fewer teachers willing to teach in these more remote schools due to logistical constraints.  There are many qualified teachers ready to teach in these rural villages on a more permanent basis if they had staff housing. Help us construct these simple staff houses in our Malawi and Zambian communities so we can attract better and more permanent teachers to our schools. 100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Library

    Many Malawian children do not have access to books.  AT ALL.  We know the power that knowledge has to expand minds and open doors of possibility.  We also believe in supporting other NGOs with the same mission: to bring hope through education.  Village Book Builders is one organization that we greatly admire.  Through your donation towards a library, we will be able to partner with Village Book Builders in building and stocking a library in each of our Malawi school communities.  What better way to create a lifelong love of learning than through books?   100% of donations go directly towards projects.
  • Each classroom block we design contains four classrooms and one office or flex space. After much research and experience, we feel this is the best, most durable, and most inexpensive way to provide much needed classrooms to these communities.  For more information, please see our model. Help us touch the lives of thousands, provide a place for learning, and eventually open the door of opportunity for these African children. 100% of donations go directly towards projects.


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