Picture this: a school where kids learned outside under a pavilion, with not enough desks and changing weather making it tough to focus. That was St. Luke’s in Ekiti, Nigeria. But guess what? Big changes have arrived!

Coafrica teamed up with the Build A School Initiative and the amazing community at St. Luke’s to make something awesome happen—a brand-new school block! And the best part? We celebrated its grand opening with the whole community!

The event was a blast! Performances from the talented folks in the community lit up the day. We were honored to have local leaders join us and share their encouraging words. Their support means the world to us.

This new school block is more than just a building. It’s a symbol of our commitment to education and the bright future we’re building together. We’re not stopping here; our goal is to help more communities in Nigeria get better schools.

St. Luke’s, get ready for a transformation! We can’t wait to see how this new school block will shape the lives of the kids here. It’s not just about bricks and walls; it’s about creating opportunities for education to thrive.

This grand opening is just the beginning. Together, let’s keep making education better, one school at a time. Cheers to a future full of possibilities!