Kataya Primary School was the first classroom in Coafrica completed with the community in Lilongwe, Malawi and the new classroom block has been completed for nearly 21 months! Let’s check out how far the school has come:

When we first met with the teachers at Kataya School, there was a waiting list of over 200 students, and many students were being taught under the trees. Additionally, at the time construction began, tobacco was growing rampant in the area around the school. Because the classrooms were not good enough to attract students, many learners were involved in child labor in the tobacco fields. As a result, the drop-out rate was very high.

As construction progressed, we loved seeing the community get involved!

Since the grand opening in April 2021, the enrollment at Kataya Primary School has increased from 1,290 to 1,404 students: an increase of 11%! The school is also used for a general gathering place and community meetings. The school also has a total of 18 teachers and covers grades 1 through 8.

We have loved seeing the impact Kataya has had on the surrounding community!