Ketere Primary School

Ketere Primary School2022-07-11T16:54:06-06:00

Location: Ketere, Songo Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria

Project Scope: 7 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500

Timeline: April – September 2022

Community Involvement: Labor, clean up, security and maintenance

Coalition: BASIA, Nigerian government, LDS Charities

Background: Ketere Primary School is located in a rural area of Nigeria. Founded in 1954, this school currently serves more than 400 children. Before construction began, the walls of the school were crumbling and there was severe damage to the roof. In addition to replacing the current classroom block, the government in Nigeria will be assisting BASIA and Coafrica teams to renovate another existing building. This will result in a total of 7 new classrooms! We cannot wait to see the impact that these new classrooms will have on the community.

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