Lycee Tabligbo II2023-04-04T11:36:29-06:00

Location: Tabligbo, Togo

Project Scope: 4 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500 Students

Timeline: January 2023- April 2023

Community Involvement: Parents will support with water, labor and maintenance security

Coalition: BASIA

Background: Lycee Tabligbo II is a secondary school in Tabligbo, Togo that currently has 336 students enrolled. Along with the 300 students on the waiting list there are around 600 children in the area that are not currently enrolled in school. Lycee Tabligbo II needs more classrooms, teachers, and administration and seating in their school to be able to provide an education for these children. We are really excited to get to see the difference that more education resources can make for these students and their community.

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