The school in Chipata, Zambia desperately needed help before construction began. Half the students were crammed inside a dilapidated building and the rest were forced to sit outside. Construction began in June 2020 and was projected to end in September 2020, but unexpected setbacks pushed the date back. Many months were needed to clear land, to build, to finish flooring and plastering, to paint, and to put in new doors and windows. After several extra months of work, the community is excited to finally be able to make use of the new school!

The new building features four classrooms, three offices, and many latrines. This will help improve education for 800 current students and for an additional 700 as well. Though building new schools is often a hard and sometimes delayed process, it is well worth it to be able to change the future of hundreds of children. The extra time did not deter the community or the builders and they were able to push through to get the job done.