Majorly known for its intense rainy season, the country of Mali is the host of the second school project with which CoAfrica was involved. Kodialanida is the small rural community in south Mali where the new school was built. Made up of just over 1000 people, the community is close-knit and interdependent.

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The head of the village expressed multiple times in a profile report that, “We really need classes” and that the community is, “…very motivated for this building because we don’t have good classes.” Additionally, the president of the management team, Lassina Sanogo, concluded, “Welcome… this is good news. We were praying to have such [a] project… we understand the community participation [that is needed] and are ready even if it’s tomorrow.”

Prior to a construction of a school here, the students would meet in a temporary outdoor classroom fashioned with tree leaves and large branches. This was necessary because during a storm in 2016, heavy wind and rain took the roof off of the school building. When this occurred, there was a class being held and the structure failure resulted in the injury of a child in the class.

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Now they have a multiple room schoolhouse that is built out of cinderblock to withstand the rainy season and provide a safe environment for the children to learn. Imagine the relief of the students and their families to not have to worry about the school structure caving in during a storm, but instead focusing their efforts on learning how to read. Will you join with us in supporting future projects to provide relief and greater fortification to learning environments?

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