Today’s world might be bleak, but there’s nothing bleak about this strong woman. Meet Aggie Chiku Chizoka, one of Coafrica’s community leaders. Determined to uplift and strengthen other people, Aggie has dedicated her life to service. After achieving a bachelor’s of social work in 2013, Aggie has served as a coordinator for DREAMS, a project that coordinates activities and services for young women. Aggie helps these young women achieve economic strength by teaching them vital life skills, granting education opportunities, and giving accessibility to HIV/AIDS prevention services. Aggie works to overcome the barriers of reality, and truly helps dreams of a better future come true.

“We must become the change we wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi wisely advised. Aggie dreams of a better world, so she takes it upon herself to become the change. One of the most beautiful things about Aggie is just how much she loves other people. When asked about herself, she expressed her passion to facilitate “education opportunities to kids who cannot afford it and improve . . . the health and wellbeing of girls and young women.” For Aggie, it’s not just about reducing poverty, it’s about giving the next generation a better shot at a better life. Aggie is constantly reaching out “to the most vulnerable so that they can see the good that is in the world.” There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy, and Aggie takes it upon herself to show people what those reasons are.

Aggie has served throughout her community by going on a service mission to Uganda and Ethiopia, and by serving the young girls and women of her church, teaching in various capacities. She is always looking for new ways to serve; Right now that’s magnified by her current pursuit of a masters in project management, which she is on track to achieve in 2021.

Coafrica wouldn’t be possible without the patience, wisdom, and strength of people like Aggie Chiku Chizoka. Coafrica’s mission is to be––like Aggie––the change we wish to see in the world. What can you do to be the change in the world too?

Join Coafrica as we change the world, one child at a time.