A few weeks ago we broke ground at a new school in Benin!

Kpassa-Gambou is a primary school located in a rural area of Benin. It has been in operation since 2010 and has 367 students enrolled. There are currently around 600 children in the area not attending school. The main reasons for the out-of-school children are the lack of classrooms and the inability of parents to pay school fees. The existing school structure suffers from a lack of infrastructure that has become a serious safety hazard for the children and teachers, with the brick walls being held together by a small bit of wire at the top of each wall. When it rains, the existing structure becomes so dangerous that the children are forced to cram “like sardines” into one classroom.

The groundbreaking ceremony included speeches given by the mayor and other members of the communities.  The construction of this new classroom block will affect 500 children and many more community members! We are so excited to see the construction unfold.