Ever wondered what our process is?  How do we select communities and coalition partners?  What are the steps?

Phase One: Application


Motivated communities submit a project assessment form to Coafrica.

The first part of our process is the Application phase.  During this phase, motivated communities submit a Project Assessment Form (PAF) to Coafrica.  We utilize this form to gather needed information from the communities including basics such as location, type of school, enrollment and attendance numbers.  

We also perform an audit of community resources.  This means that available skilled and unskilled workers, finances, supplies such as water and sand, are all accounted for and measured to ensure we meet our required 20% community support.  If the school is selected, we enter into a joint agreement that clearly identifies the obligations of each party – including this community contribution.

Phase One helps us to identify the communities that are fully involved and ready to join us in constructing a classroom in their area!