Coafrica Value Spotlight #1: Target Underserved Children

Coafrica serves communities that have no viable option to build classrooms, meaning that there are no government or other NGO programs looking to address the educational needs of the community.  This allows our classroom projects to have the maximum impact and to help those who would not otherwise receive aid. 

Project approval is based in part on the number of out-of-school children on waiting lists and the potential of increased enrollment.  Our process ensures that the classrooms we construct with the community will reach the most possible children, thus increasing their educational opportunities and growth potential in their communities.

Speaking of the classrooms we constructed at Magazine School in Chipata, Zambia, Mathias Zimba from Mary’s Meals said, “The building is awesome and will go a long way in supporting and improving education indicators… such as (an) increase in the enrollment, attendance rate and reduction in the drop out rates…”

As we continue to evaluate our programs and impact, this value stays forefront in our minds.  Coafrica wants to be where we can aid the most children in the areas that aren’t being served by other nonprofit organizations. That is why our number one value is to target underserved children.