Bakpa Agortakpo D/A Primary

Bakpa Agortakpo D/A Primary2024-05-16T10:35:59-06:00

Location: Bakpa Agortakpo, Central Tongu District, Ghana

Project Scope: 4 Classrooms

Impacted Children: 500 Students

Timeline: February 2023-June 2023

Community Involvement: Labor and Maintenance, Molding blocks, Clearing the land

Coalition: BASIA

Background: Bakpa Agortakpo D/A Primary in Ghana has been operating since 1998. The school currently has 3 classrooms with 128 students enrolled. Over 600 children are not enrolled in school due to a lack of classrooms, inadequate teachers, and poor living conditions of their parents. The goal is to provide more classrooms and resources for these students to increase enrollment and better support the learning of students in Bakpa Agortakpo. We are really excited to see how these children grow and develop with better access to education! 

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