Coafrica began building Bondo Primary School in Lilongwe, Malawi, in February 2021. The school will accommodate an anticipated 440 additional students.

Pre Construction of the school saw crumbling walls and a roof that was caved in.  Groundbreaking began in early February 2021.


February 2021, the first month, involved chalking out the area for the foundation, and digging the trenches for the foundation.  All volunteer workers from the local community.  Mothers with their babies were helping at the site as well.



March 2021, the second month, saw some rain storms that delayed progress a little, but the local volunteer workers were eager to help each other.  The construction truck got stuck in the rain and mud on the way to the school site, so all the community pitched in to help the truck get out of the mud and on the road home.  Despite the wet weather, there has been a LOT of progress made in construction of the walls and window and door openings.

The school is well underway, and we are looking forward to seeing the impact it will have on the community!