CEG Soyo- Allada, Benin

CEG Soyo- Allada, Benin2022-04-20T10:24:06-06:00

Location: Allada, Benin Republic

Project scope:  4 classrooms

Impacted Children:  300 students

Timeline: April 2021 – August 2021

Community Involvement: Unskilled labor, clean up, security

Coalition: Build a School in Africa‍

Background: We are thrilled to announce that construction has begun on our 19th school, CEG Soyo, in our 8th country, Benin! When Victor, our project coordinator, traveled to Benin to survey schools and communities requesting a classroom block, he was struck by the poverty level and sheer need for safe structures where students could gather and learn.  CEG Soyo stood out as the school with the highest need.  This community has been so desperate for education that they put together a makeshift shelter for their children’s school, but the structure is unsafe. There are over 500 out-of-school children in the community, and this project will provide a place for most of them to attend school.

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