We Picked the Right School

This quarter we started construction on a new school in Zambia. The unique ecology of this location comes with challenges, one of which is roaming elephants! Located near several national parks and protected game reserves, elephants in the area move about freely often wreaking havoc on nearby farms. Another challenge is the site’s soil composition and high water table which indicate the need for special metal reinforcements in the foundation. However, our new project coordinator Mathias Zimba, is up to the task. In a few shorts weeks, the project has seen good progress and is just about ready to start building up the walls and roof.

The local community is also stepping up and is working hard to contribute to the project.  We love this video of the community working together, singing and dancing as they get the task done. We know we’ve picked the right school when the community is enthusiastically engaged in the project with us.

We anticipate the project being finished and ready for handover in early June.  We hope you’ll check back soon to see the final result!