Hey everyone! We’re thrilled to share the incredible journey we’re on at Pahou Ouidah in Nigeria. So far education has been tricky -kids learning under trees, classrooms bursting at the seams. But we’re changing that! We’ve got walls up, the roof’s almost a done deal, and soon, it’ll be all about those final touches.

But you know what’s making this extra special? It’s the community. They’re in this with us every step of the way. From laying bricks to sharing their hopes, it’s a real team effort.

Can you feel the buzz? These new classrooms? They’re not just structures; they’re places bursting with potential. They’re where dreams will take flight and futures will be shaped.

We’re counting down to the big reveal, and boy, are we excited! Stay tuned for updates on this incredible journey. Pahou Ouidah, get ready for a whole new chapter—it’s going to be amazing!