We are so excited to announce the groundbreaking of another school in Togo! EPP de Pedakondji has been in operation for 27 years! The current enrollment is almost 400 students and it is expected to increase to almost 600 students upon the completion of the new classroom block. Because of the extreme poverty in the area, many young children in the villages surrounding Pedakondji are obliged to go to work with their parents during the day. The boys often accompany their fathers to the farm, and the girls often accompany their mothers to market in order to sell products that support the family. To help with this, the new classroom block will partly be used as a first-year school (a pre-school) to keep these children in school while their families work. We are excited to see the impact of this new school on the community! Check out some pictures of the old structure:

Screenshot (63)

Outside pavilion used to teach additional classes