A week ago we celebrated the grand opening of EPP De Pedakondji with the surrounding community. The opening of this school will provide a space for an additional 200 students!

The program featured various speeches from government officials, the BASIA team, and teachers.

We were so excited to a few of the children dressed and decorated in traditional clothing.

During the ribbon cutting, various members of the community, teachers from the school, and members of team BASIA team each cut a section of the ribbon to signal the opening of the school.

Many children in the area do not attend school because they are obliged to go to work with their parents during the day. The boys often accompany their fathers to the farm, and the girls often accompany their mothers to market in order to sell products that support the family. To help with this, the new classroom block will partly be used as a first-year school (a pre-school) to keep these children in school while their families work. We are excited to see the impact of this new school!