Malembo Community Day Secondary School

Malembo Community Day Secondary School2024-05-28T18:18:51-06:00

Location: Lilongwe North West

Project Scope: 4 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500 children

Timeline: February 2023 – June 2023

Community Involvement: Labor, clean-up, maintenance, security of building materials

Coalition: Build-A-Classroom

Background: Malembo is a secondary school located in a rural area of Malawi. There are many out-of-school children in the area due to poverty, orphaned children, and the long distance to existing schools. The existing classrooms were severely overcrowded and many students were learning outside under the trees. The school was in desperate need for more classrooms! With the classroom block complete, we look forward to following along with the growth of this school and the impact it has on the community.

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