Meet Coafrica team member Olivia Allred! She has been working as the assistant to the director at Coafrica for nearly six months! She says, “My favorite part about Coafrica is seeing the impact that we make. I love knowing that what Coafrica is doing is having a real effect on real people, and there is always so much work to be done!”

Olivia is a native to Utah but loves to travel when she can. She is currently attending school at the University of Utah pursuing a bachelor’s degree in instrumental music performance with an emphasis in percussion. She is entering her last semester and is planning to graduate in December. Upon graduation, Olivia hopes to pursue a career path in arts administration and nonprofit management. Olivia loves to play anything she can hit with a stick or her hands. She has performed as a soloist for the Utah Symphony and Lyceum Philharmonic, and played as a member of the Salt Lake Symphony, Draper Philharmonic, University ensembles, and the American Festival Chorus and Orchestra. Olivia believes that music has the power to change, heal, and inspire, and she enjoys teaching people how to play and enjoy good music.

Last year, Olivia competed in a marimba quartet at an international percussion convention, and they received 2nd place!

Olivia grew up in the American Fork area in a family of all boys–three younger brothers. She loves to be with them because there is always something fun happening! She recently got married to her husband Tanner, and they are living in Millcreek. They love to go to movies, hike, and travel together.