Our recently completed school, the Premier School in Abeokuta, Nigeria, had their Handover Ceremony recently!

As a reminder, here are two BEFORE pictures:

The classrooms were crumbling.  There wasn’t enough room inside the classrooms for all the students, so many learned under the trees or watching from the windows and doors.  When they had bad weather, those students couldn’t learn.  Often this resulted in students dropping out of school and hawking goods on the street.

Due to Covid, this ceremony looked a little different than our last handover ceremony.  Masks were everywhere and there are limits to the number of people allowed to gather together.  Here are some of the teaching staff included in the celebration.

Local religious and government leaders attended as well, giving this school the spotlight it needs to attract more attention to educating African children.

Students of the school also participated, performing cultural dances.

Some students attended and watched from the sidelines.

We are also grateful for our African Director, Victor Ukorebi, and the partnership with BASIA.  They provided invaluable support and management of this project from Nigeria.

This is the real reason why we do what we do.  THESE KIDS.  All of them now have a place to learn, a place to safely gather, a community building where they can learn and advance and grow.  If you’d like to be a part of this change, please sign up for our newsletter or donate today!