St. Luke’s Anglican Nursery and Primary School

St. Luke’s Anglican Nursery and Primary School2024-04-26T09:36:00-06:00

Location: Oke Ayedun, Ekiti State, Nigeria

Project Scope: 4 Classrooms

Impacted Children: ~400

Timeline: August 2023 -November 2023

Community Involvement: Community members will clear the land, dig the foundation, carry water, and provide maintenance and security of materials

Background:¬†Established in 1948, St Luke’s Anglican School is located in Oke Ayedun, Nigeria. The school currently has eight classrooms to accommodate nearly 400 students from ranging from preschool to grade 6. The original structure is showing it’s age, and the students needed more space. We’re excited to see how the new classrooms improve learning conditions for current and future students.

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