Recently there was a terrible storm in Lilongwe, Malawi. The report of the storm from our local coordinator was that virtually all of the roofs in the community were blown off and one nearby school collapsed in the storm.

We recently completed a school in the area affected by the storm, in the community of Bondo. We learned that the storm had only affected one corner of the roof of the school in Bondo. However, rather than save their own homes, the villagers of the community felt so much ownership towards their new school that they rushed to the Bondo Primary Community School during the storm, climbed on the roof, and attempted to nail the roof back in place.

These villagers were quickly advised to get down and return to safety, and we are working diligently to fix the damage from the storm. Though we would never wish for the villagers in the communities we have completed schools to risk their safety again, we are proud of the ownership demonstrated by this community towards their school.

To see the damage done by the storm, check out the video below!

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