Our classroom projects are built to a 40-year quality standard with specific requirements for quality of cement blocks, foundation, roofing materials, and general construction standards. Communities then commit to fund and perform regular structural maintenance, adhering to our minimum maintenance standards and schedule.  Coalition partners agree to periodic visits of completed projects to ensure maintenance compliance and reporting.  That amounts to a 40-year quality standard, community driven maintenance, and periodic reporting. 

Our 40-year quality standard is carefully monitored and adjusted to make sure that our buildings will withstand rainy seasons, wind, regular usage, and time.  The best gratitude for our buildings is always expressed by using them to their fullest potential.  In order for that to work, the buildings need to be structurally sound, durable, and maintained well.

Before any construction commences, communities agree to a regular maintenance standard and schedule. Classrooms are cleaned, swept and mopped regularly.  Walls are brushed and wiped down.  Small repairs and replacements are made at the community level.  Our communities are empowered to take care of their own school buildings.  

Regular check-ins at our schools are critical to informing our model.  Each year, our coalition partners have one scheduled and one unannounced drop-in visit.  This ensures that we see the building at its best and when no one expects it!  We want to see how wear-and-tear, regular school days, and typical school traffic affects our buildings.  Our coalition partners then send us reports on these buildings, maintenance and community efforts.  

All of these ensure our third value is met: Coafrica builds schools for longevity.