This year has been a big one for Coafrica! In 2021, we have facilitated the construction of safe, durable classrooms in five countries, two of which were new to us. We’ve built our first projects in Togo and Benin Republic. We’re thrilled to see the impact of education spreading to more places throughout Africa.

So far this year, 51 classrooms have been built. That has created space in a classroom for over 5,200 students! Over 5,200 students will get the opportunity to attend school and pursue their education, and many of them will be going to school for the very first time. Imagine the impact this will have on not only those students, but on their families and communities. Education changes lives.

2021 impact to date

We’re thrilled with the growth and development we’ve seen in the communities we’ve worked with. It has been truly inspiring to see community members make sacrifices and contribute their time and efforts to building classrooms for their children.

Thank you for following along with our stories as we unleash the power of education for African children. If you would like to contribute to these life-changing efforts, please consider making a donation.

All-time impact of Coafrica

We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring!