Coafrica’s Executive Director, Marci Romney, began her journey last Friday to visit our schools in Africa with 5,129 total friendship bracelets in her suitcase! Our original goal was 1000 bracelets, however, thanks to astounding community involvement, Marci will be delivering these friendship bracelets to FIVE schools in Africa!

We received bracelets from 30 groups in 8 different states: Arizona, New Jersey, Utah, California, Maryland, Florida, Texas, and Idaho. Many of these groups met with Coafrica team members to learn about “a day in the life” in Africa before spending hours making bracelets. Participating groups included children as young as 8 years old, Young Adults from ages 18-30, and adults!

We could not have exceeded this goal without the help of not only these amazing groups but the individuals who contributed so much to the project! We received multiple letters from individuals who heard about the project and just wanted to help! When we went to collect bracelets from Wasatch Junior High School, one young woman donated FORTY bracelets to the cause. Click here to read about Abbey and Ellie, 2 young girls who made over 200 bracelets in 2 weeks! We are overwhelmed by the reach of this project, and can not wait to see the impact that the bracelets will have on the children of Africa.

The friendship bracelets received were matched by a donation from TNS Construction, a local construction company based out of Highland, Utah. We are so grateful for their support!