Nkhuzyeni Primary School

Nkhuzyeni Primary School2024-04-22T09:49:02-06:00

Location: Mambwe District, Eastern Province, Zambia

Project Scope: 4 Classrooms

Impacted Children: ~400

Timeline: January 2024 -June 2024

Community Involvement: Community members will clear the land, dig the foundation, carry water and sand, mold bricks, and provide maintenance and security of materials

Coalition: Rising Fountain

Background: Nkhuzyeni primary school is one of the rural schools located in the chiefdom of Nsefu, Mambwe district in eastern province of Zambia. The school started in 2008 as an intervention to the prolonged absence of the learners from the existing schools due to significant flooding during the rainy season.  From January to April, learners were not able to cross the flooded areas to attend classes. The community organized themselves, and built some thatched shelters in an area that would be accessible even during rainy season, however, these shelters leak during heavy rain and make learning difficult. Once completed, the classroom block will be the first permanent structure on site. We hope that the improved learning environment will benefit existing students, and encourage out of school children in the area to attend.

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