Meet the newest member of the Coafrica team: Tresher Mukwavi! Tresher recently joined as a project coordinator in Malawi and frequently assists Goodwell Banda with our projects there. We are so grateful to have Tresher on our team.

Tresher was born and raised in Zambia in a city called Ndola. He is the 4th child of NINE, 5 boys and 4 girls. His father passed away in December 1991 and his mother passed away in 1997.

Tresher says, “My mum did raise us single-handedly with a lot of financial struggle because much was on her plate to handle, after the death of our dad. She solely relied on a meager income, which she generated from the house rent (the house which dad had bought for the family) and additionally, she was an industrious woman who operated a small design and tailoring business. Through it all, she persevered to take care of us and one thing I learnt of her was and is generosity, sacrifice and she had a big heart to love us all equally…..such has helped me to love.”

Tresher also learned responsibility from his parents. He says, “I was taught by mum to wash dishes, clothes, bake and cook. As for dad, he noted earlier in me a leaning towards entrepreneurship and each day after knocking off from primary school, he would send me to the market place to sale fritters, beans, dry fish, etc.”

Through it all, Tresher remembers the intense emphasis his parents put on education. He remembers them saying, “Always remember my children, education is your dad and mum. No matter what happens to your parents, if education is pursued and attained, it will open doors of opportunities for you. You can lose parents, BUT never, can you lose acquired learning.”

Tresher and his siblings took this advice to heart, especially after both of their parents had passed away. Tresher got selected to attend Junior High School in 1992 and completed High School in 1996. He applied for University selection and was offered an opening at the University of Zambia in 1997 in education. However, he decided to wait for another opening at a different University in order to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, even though that meant deferring his academic pursuit one more year.

During this time, one of Tresher’s friends shared information with him about an American University in Malawi. He says, “Having never, ever left my hometown and country, it was a tall-order for me to make such a life changing decision. Thanks to my big sister Audrey and her husband who pushed me to get out of my comfort zone. Later, I decided to take leave for Malawi in 1998 and sat for entrance exams and got selected to start school in September 1998 and eventually graduated in 2003. Currently, I hold a Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies and Minor in Mass Communications.  Additionally, my studies included Business and Christian Education.”

Despite landing a job as a high school teacher and working there for 4 years, Tresher’s contract was not extended and he was hunting for jobs. After looking unsuccessfully for 8 months, Tresher decided to start his own business with the small family car he owned.

Tresher decided to start a car rental business. What started with one small family car has grown into a large business in Malawi.

Besides owning POP Car Rentals, Tresher also serves as head of administration and director of church services at his local church and enjoys spending time with his beautiful family.

He is married to Linda and they have three boys: Prince, age 15, Precious, age 13, and Treasure, age 10. They enjoy playing cards, swimming, playing soccer, and chess.

Tresher says, “Life has a way of creating opportunities for us and one of them is working with Coafrica and Build a classroom Ltd. This has reinforced in me the principle/idea which my Dad used to always remind us of that, education always remains an existing parent with us and that, none can take away the given opportunity. Coafrica and Build A classroom Ltd excite me knowing we’re creating lifetime platform (lifetime parent) for the now and future generations, through which, potentials shall be discovered and maximized.  Now that……tops it all!!”