At Coafrica, we know the synergy that can come from joining forces with other NGOs.  This is why our fourth value is “Develop Strategic Partnerships”.  We actively seek opportunities to enhance the education potential of our projects by partnering with other organizations in areas such as: bathroom construction, school meals, textbooks, desks, school supplies and more.  

Some of the organizations with whom we are grateful to partner include:


Marci with Victor and the BASIA team at the Grand Opening of four classrooms at Le Meridien school in Benin.

Victor Ukorebi leads this organization in their mission to provide educational infrastructures for children in Africa’s poorest communities.  We are deeply grateful for everyone at BASIA and the collaboration we have enjoyed on many projects across Nigeria, Benin, and Togo.  

Coafrica would not be able to complete our many projects in Malawi without Goodwell Banda and his organization.  When it comes to big hearts, Goodwell beats even the Grinch – after his heart grows three sizes!  His dedication to the power of education and changing lives is so admirable.

IMG_9888 (1)

Marci, Goodwell and his wife Catherine Banda at the Grand Opening of four classrooms at Chimkoka Primary School in Malawi

St peters

Bathroom facility provided by LDS Charities at St Peter’s Primary School in Nigeria.

From matching projects, to additional bathrooms to desks to textbooks, Latter-day Saint Charities has been instrumental in helping Coafrica’s dollars stretch to build more projects as well as provide much needed supplies for these schools.  For several of our projects in Western Africa, LDS Charities has matched our funding so that we are able to construct two schools for the price of one! 

We enjoy many other coalitions and pursuing working together in our schools.

We know that together, we will change lives, increase education opportunities and lift individuals out of poverty.