CEG Le Meridien Secondary School

CEG Le Meridien Secondary School2024-05-20T10:58:09-06:00

Location: Cococodji, Benin

Project Scope: 4 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500 students

Timeline: January – April 2022

Community Involvement: Financial contribution, labor, clean-up, maintenance

Coalition: Build A School In Africa Initiative

Background: CEG Le Meridien has been operating since 1995. Located in the urban area of Le Meridien, this school currently has 3000 students on its waiting list. Many of these children are not in school due to a lack of means to pay for school fees, dislocation of parents, and lack of follow-up in the enrollment process. The existing school structure is dilapidated and overcrowded. Community members wasted no time in digging a new foundation for the school.  Now, with expanded facilities, more students have a spot in the classroom!

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