Enugu Primary School2022-04-25T14:09:11-06:00

Location: Amandim Olo, Enugu, Nigeria

Project Scope: 4 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500 children

Timeline: February 2022 – May 2022

Community Involvement: Financial support, maintenance and cleaning, support for the construction workers, security, water

Coalition: Build a School in Africa, LDS Charities

Background: Enugu Primary school has been in operation since 1970 and is located in the rural area of Enugu. With an estimated 890 out-of-school children in the area due to poverty, illiteracy and a lack of adequate infrastructure, the project will have a large impact on the surrounding communities. For this and all other projects in Nigeria, LDS Charities has agreed to match Coafrica’s contribution to the project 50/50. We are so excited about the possibilities this partnership brings, and all the out-of-school children that will be benefitted from this partnership. 

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