Kataya – Malawi

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Location: Lilongwe West, Malawi

Project Scope: 4 classrooms; staff room and office

Impacted Children: 320 students

Timeline: Fall – Winter 2020

Community Involvement: Community will provide sand and labor to build the blocks for the classrooms.

Coalition: SAFI

Background: Kataya is Coafrica’s first project in Malawi. Many of the students are being taught outside under trees or under a covering of branches. It was chosen because it is one of the neediest schools in the area and is close to the main road, making it easier for the community to see the classroom addition. This is important because, “tobacco growing is rampant in the area around the school, and because the classrooms are not good enough to attract students, many learners are involved in child labor in the tobacco fields. As a result, the drop-out rate is very high.”

Currently there are 1290 students in the school. The proposed capacity is 1500 students and there is a waiting list of over 200 out-of-school students. The community will provide sand and labor to built the blocks for the classrooms.

Scroll through the pictures below to see before, during, and after the construction process.

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