Chilima, Malawi Progress

2021-10-28T17:25:38-06:00September 27, 2021|Chilima, Current Project, Malawi, Projects|

The students at Chilima are so wonderful. These Level Five learners were still studying for an upcoming exam when Goodwell, our Malawi Project Coordinator, came to check on the project. These students are the WHY to everything we do here at Coafrica!

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Extraordinary Community Involvement in Malawi

2021-11-12T00:19:33-07:00July 9, 2021|Chilima, Featured, Human Interest, Impact, Malawi, Projects|

This is what Coafrica is really about: empowering a community to help themselves. Chilima is a perfect example of the incredible community engagement and excitement for the education opportunities that our classrooms provide.

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