CEG Fiata Secondary School

CEG Fiata Secondary School2024-05-20T10:33:06-06:00

Location: Anfoin Fiata, Togo

Project scope:  4 classrooms

Impacted Children:  580 students

Timeline: May 2021 – August 2021

Community Involvement: Unskilled labor, clean up, security, maintenance

Coalition: Build a School Initiative in Africa

Background: The school of CEG Fiata in Anfoin Fiata, Togo, currently has a block of classrooms. However, there is not enough space to accommodate all of the children in the village safely, especially with COVID restrictions. This project will add another block of 4 classrooms, which will make room for an additional 280 students! Every child deserves a safe space in a sturdy classroom. This project will open the door for 280 current students, and countless future children, to learn in a safe environment.

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