CEG Melly-Dome Primary School

CEG Melly-Dome Primary School2024-05-20T11:03:45-06:00

Location: Anfoin Melly-Dome, Togo

Project Scope: 4 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500

Timeline: January 2022-April 2022

Community Involvement: Labor, clean-up, maintenance

Coalition: Build A School In Africa

Background: CEG Melly-Dome has been in operation since 1963. Before we began construction, the walls of the school were molding and crumbling.  This school allows for an additional 200 children to have access to a classroom. In an area where 100s of children are out-of-school due to a lack of classroom space, CEG Melly-Dome is having a huge impact on the 8 villages it serves!

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