Chimkoka Primary School – Dowa, Malawi

Chimkoka Primary School – Dowa, Malawi2022-04-20T10:43:50-06:00

Location: Dowa North, Malawi

Project scope: 4 classrooms

Impacted Children: 500 students

Timeline: August 2021 –

Community Involvement: Labor, clean up, maintenance

Background: In Dowa North, Malawi, there are 961 students on a waiting list to attend school. Many of these children live too far away from a school to be able to attend, and many still are orphaned or in poverty. The community in this area is motivated to provide a safe learning space for their children, and they are prepared to provide as much labor as will be required to build a new block of classrooms. With 1,039 students currently attending Chimkoka and another 961 on the waiting list, the community has high hopes to double the school capacity to make space for all their children to get an education.

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Filling the Foundation at Chimkoka

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The excitement about our Malawi schools is palpable - even from thousands of miles away! Look how many community members came out to fill the foundation with dirt! What would you do to help provide a space for your child to learn?

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