Bondo Primary School

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Location: Lilongwe West Division, Malawi

Project scope:  4 classrooms

Impacted Children:  400 students

Timeline:  January 2021 start

Community Involvement: Parent-teacher organization will provide labor, clean-up, and maintenance for the classrooms

Background: The Bondo Full Primary School has been in operation since 1971. It currently serves 760 students, but there are at least 400 more children in the area who are out of school. Coafrica is excited to begin working with the local community in Bondo to build 6 new classrooms to accommodate more students. Scroll below to see the “before” pictures for this school.

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Bondo Community Excitement

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The Bondo Primary School community’s excitement about their school project is infectious. These men, women, and children are at the project site early in the morning, help any way they can, and stay late into the night.

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