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Location: Lilongwe Rural West, Malawi

Project scope:  8 classrooms

Impacted Children:  210 students

Timeline: June – September 2021

Community Involvement: Unskilled labor, maintenance, security of materials

Background: Chilima Primary School was built by the community in Lilongwe Rural West, Malawi, in 1997. There are over 300 children in the area without a place in a classroom, and the current classrooms at Chilima Primary School are overcrowded and falling apart. The classrooms that exist currently were built by community members who are not skilled in construction, as the government did not provide any assistance with construction. There is also no furniture in any of the rooms. Coafrica is thrilled to be able to build two blocks of 4 new classrooms for this community. The children in this village deserve a safe place to learn.

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Stories from Chilima

Chilima, Malawi Progress

By |September 27, 2021|Categories: Chilima, Current Project, Malawi, Projects|

The students at Chilima are so wonderful. These Level Five learners were still studying for an upcoming exam when Goodwell, our Malawi Project Coordinator, came to check on the project. These students are the WHY to everything we do here at Coafrica!

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Extraordinary Community Involvement in Malawi

By |July 9, 2021|Categories: Chilima, Featured, Human Interest, Impact, Malawi, Projects|

This is what Coafrica is really about: empowering a community to help themselves. Chilima is a perfect example of the incredible community engagement and excitement for the education opportunities that our classrooms provide.

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