St. Peter’s School – Iyesi Ota, Nigeria

St. Peter’s School – Iyesi Ota, Nigeria2022-04-20T09:52:17-06:00

Location: Iyesi Ota, Nigeria

Project scope:  4 classrooms, bathrooms

Impacted Children:  320 students

Timeline: February, 2021 – May 31, 2021

Community Involvement: Clear the land; provide security; provide labor, storage and cleaning

Coalition: Build a School in Africa, LDS Charities‍

Background: St. Peters School in Nigeria has been in operation for 75 years, founded on February 14th, 1945. Currently, there are 595 students enrolled in the school, 900 children on the wait list to attend school, and an estimated 1000 children out-of-school in the area!  Even though they have some current classrooms, no single structure at the school is sound.  All of the current classrooms and buildings are crumbling and are unsafe.  Many children are learning outdoors, but these lessons are put on hold during the rainy season and whenever there is inclement weather.  There are hundreds of children who would love to attend school, if they only had a space where they could attend regularly.

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